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~ Dominican Republic Cooking with caro ~ 
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 (Moro de Habichuelas Rojas)
1½ Cup of rice (cleaned and rinse with water only)
½ can of red beans (without the water)
½ cup of milk coconut mix with 1½ cup of water
½ pepper shop
1 spoon of onion 
2 cloves of whole garlic
½ teaspoon of salt
1 chicken broth cubes
2 spoon of oil
¼ teaspoon of oregano.
Salt and black pepper (optional and how you like)
Grind or crush the garlic, onion and ½ teaspoon of salt in a pestle.
In a pot add 1 spoon of oil, and add the garlic crushed add the ½ pepper, oregano, black pepper, chicken broth cubes, fry lightly over low heat for 1 minute add the ½ can of red beans and fry lightly so the beans take the season. Later mix the coconut milk and the 1½  cup of water  wait for is boiling and add the rice move for 1 minute and to put a lid on for 10 minute later this time reduce the fire, move and add the other 1 spoon of oil and put a lid on for 15 minute more after this time move and is ready. 
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